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 ( nederlandse versie 31 oktober online)

Mariecke is

multi-disciplinar artist/composer and cultural entrepeneur with a history of large scaled projects.

Besides the Civic Guard Project in de Hermitage Amsterdam, she is also developing GOLDBRUN, together with composer Yuri Honing, and director Ralph Keuning of Museum De Fundatie in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

Mariecke van der Linden studied composition and opera at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, and the Conservatorium Amsterdam.

Her personal teacher was Dutch Composer Theo Loevendie.

This highly classified composition course and art history, contained 7 years of disciplined study, which Mariecke considered as being a blue print for universal creating.

Jazz and art were naturally part of her contemporary pieces, and she painted scenes and costume-designs while she was composing.

Soon she produced her own art-opera's which she calls OPERA NOIR, and was asked to coproduce with the The Theatercompagnie, an important Dutch Producer who facilitated organization in every possible way and gave Mariecke full artistic freedom.

There fore she was structurally funded by the Dutch Foundation of the Performing Arts between 2000 and 2007.

In 2006 decided to join her husband in London who became Cultural Council for the Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

It was time for something else, time for reflection and making up her mind for the future. She knew there was another muse knocking on the door, and that without closing up the big productions there would be no way she'd be able to seriously develop her painting scales.

So in London Mariecke started to unveil the secrets of oil painting, and when she returned to Amsterdam in 2008, with her husband and a little babygirl on her arm, she soon had an exhibition in gallery Vriend van Bavinck where she was discovered by an important collectioner.

From then she sold many private portraits and works in commission.

However she prefers to combine projects, to remain dynamic

and large scale thinking, therefore she developed the idea for a huge portrait gallery for Dutch Citizens, together with Paul Spies, (then) director of the Amsterdam Museum.

The first person to be portraited in this gallery of honor was Mayor Eberhard van der Laan. Soon followed Johan Cruyff (who was still alife )and other inspiring and couragious citizitens. 

The production Goldbrun, chapel for Europe which she created  with her partner in crime, Yuri Honing,  is the most recent work and contains more than 50 oilpaintings that together express a monument for Europe, a universal story of what moves people. It is the largest production she ever made, and took a full two years to be completed.

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