The Goldbrun Paintings

As  we speak paintings and pre-studies for Goldbrun are being 

made, installations are being prepared and developed by our technicians.

You can see the preview and sketches on this page and our new instagram account

Goldbrunn (double n!)

We sincerely hope to welcome you from 22 september 2018 at

Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle,  in our Goldbrun Chapel Installation,

with the music installations of Yuri Honing and Mariecke van der Linden

about the luminous and deadly Europe

where art is religion - and religion is art

A triple exhibition curated by Ralph Keuning, together with the famous sculptures of

Chadwick and Giacometti.

If you would like to get more background information or visuals,

please get in touch with CEO Ralph Keuning,

Museum de Fundatie, or send an email to this website,

we will be happy to share our philosophy and project details.