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Renaissance Daughter 2022

Frits Goldschmeding Hermitage Amsterdam 200x100cm

Frits Goldschmeding Hermitage Amsterdam

Johan Cruyff in de Hermitage Amsterdam

Bart Schneemann
Hermitage Amsterdam 200x100cm

 oktober 2014  portret van 
Burgemeester Eberhard van der Laan
de Nieuwe Schuttersgalerij in de Hermitage Amsterdam


Sunday Muse

Muse Grace

Mother 2021

Classical Portraiture is such a great experience for everyone involved. It is a mutual and a beautiful process between artist and family, one literally steps back into the 17th century.

In the footsteps of this historical oilpaint tradition one creates a familygift for life that will last through all next generations and you become part of artistic cultural inheritance yourself!

For more information about familyportraits or commissions feel free to visit the Goldbrun Gallery, or get in touch with  Manuela Klerkx art agency.

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